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    • Cruel Beautiful World

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers of coming-of-age, page-turning, juicy fiction. Those interested in the dark side of the 1960's hippie movement. Fans of stories about sisters.

    • The Narrow Road to the Deep North

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers interested in historical fiction set in a Japanese POW . Lovers of forbidden love stories. Fans of fiction that jumps between the past and the present in Australia.

    • Shantaram

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Travelers, nomads, and those with wandering spirits. Readers looking for a sweeping epic told by an escaped convict who becomes involved in Mumbai’s underworld. Anyone interested in stories of India.

    • The Long and Faraway Gone

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of a contemporary thriller. Readers interested in two unsolved crimes that come back to haunt the survivors while bringing these two strangers together. Anyone fascinated by the workings of memory and the impact of violence on its survivors.

    • The Disappeared

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of romantic, historical fiction. Readers interested in the story of a young Canadian compelled to travel to war-ravaged Cambodia in search of her first love. Fans interested in Pol Pot’s reign of terror.

    • The Humans

        Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of humorous science fiction Readers interested in an alien sent to inhabit the body of a professor to stop the world from learning about his mathematic discovery. Fans of stories that tackle the existential questions.

    • Homegoing

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of international fiction. Readers looking for a sweeping epic that follows the descendants of two half-sisters in Ghana, whose lives take vastly different turns. Anyone interested in African culture and history.

    • We Could Be Beautiful

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Fans of slower-paced psychological thrillers. Readers interested in the story of a privileged New Yorker who begins to unravel long-held family secrets. Anyone looking for a nice page-turner.

    • The Children

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Fans of contemporary, often humerous, fiction that explores wealthy, dysfunctional families. Readers interested in a seemingly perfect fiancé entering one family's realm, and the problems that ensue. Anyone who loves a character who collects mass followers by engaging in a false persona online by way of...

    • The Universe Versus Alex Woods

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of coming-of-age, quirky stories about a friendship between a young boy and a Vietnam vet. Fans of characters who don't fit in to mainstream society. Readers interested in a main character who's been struck by lightning AND stopped for carrying marijuana at the beginning of...

    • Siracusa

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of page-turning, dramatic mysteries set on the coast of Italy. Readers interested in the story of a couple vacationing in Sicily who have many, many skeletons in the closet that are dying to come out (get it?). Anyone who enjoys stories of the unravelling of...

    • Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of graphic novel memoirs Readers who enjoy the true story of a father’s death soon after he comes out of the closet. Anyone wondering what it would be like to grow up in a funeral home.

    • Mudbound

      Lovers of historical family fiction Readers interested in the story of a young woman struggling to raise her children on her husband’s farm when two young war veterans come to work the land. Fans of multi-perspective literature.

    • The Expatriates

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of fiction told from the POV of three, distinct women. Readers looking for the story of a group of ex-pats living in Hong Kong, all intertwined by way of one, tragic moment. Anyone interested in learning about the perks and pitfalls of living in a...

    • All Things Cease to Appear

      Book Dumpling Recommends for: Lovers of Gone Girl Readers of suspense fiction Anyone up for a good mystery about a missing wife.

    • When God was a Rabbit 

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Anyone who loves a good coming-of-age story Fans of great stories about siblings and best friends, with a twist Those of us who long for the purity and mystery of youth

    • The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of whimsy, humour and fantasy Readers interested in the long and very fruitful life of a resourceful blue bear Fans of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or The Hundred-Year-Old Man who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared

    • Caucasia

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of racial politics and civil rights issues Readers looking for a story about a girl of mixed race, separated from her sister and forced to hide her true ethnicity as she and her mother hide from the law. Fans of 1970’s politics and sisterly love

    • Eligible

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers interested in a modern update of 'Pride and Prejudice'. Book clubs looking for a light, clever summer read. Lovers of Mr. Darcy.

    • The Royal We

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: A book loosely based on Princess Kate and Prince William's romance. A real page-turner for the beach. Lovers of light fiction that follows the royal family.

    • The Nest

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of page-turning fiction set in upper-crust NYC society. Readers looking for a story of four siblings fighting over an inheritance. Fans of multi-perspective fiction.

    • The Dogs of Babel

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Dog-lovers and love-lovers Readers interested in the story of a linguistics professor who tries to teach his dog to speak after the sudden death of his wife Anyone looking for a touching page-turner about a man’s love for his wife and his canine companion

    • Kitchens of the Great Midwest

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers looking for a quirky character named Eva and her rise to chef stardom. Lovers of good stories with family-centered themes (and a heart-tugging back story). Anyone interested in Scandinavian lutefisk.

    • Safekeeping

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers interested in the story of an NYC drug addict transplanted to an Israeli Kibbutz. Lovers of historical fiction with a secret. Like a significant sapphire brooch with a story. Fans of characters from all different backgrounds, religions, beliefs with a hodgepodge of personalities thrown in.

    • Paris, He Said

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers interested in a young artist (Jayne) whose life in NYC lacks direction. Fans of older men from France interjecting and moving above-mentioned artist to the art-infused world of Paris. Lovers of romances with some evocative descriptions and expected heartaches.

    • A Prayer for Owen Meany

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of coming-of-age stories Readers interested in a story about two best friends growing up in a small New Hampshire town Fans of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    • Luckiest Girl Alive

      Ani FaNelli has the cool job, perfect fiancé, you get the picture. But it wasn't always this way. Because there's a dark, buried secret in Ani's past that haunts her from that time in boarding school... Perfect for: Page-turning, beach reading. Lovers of ‘traumatic youth’ stories that come back to...

    • The Rocks

      A long-held secret. Broken up engagement. Next-generation lovers. Told in reverse, and set against the jaw-dropping cliffs of Mallorca, Spain, The Rocks follows the charismatic Lola, and Gerald, author of a book about Odysseus, as we learn about their ill-fated romance amongst some pretty juicy, page-turning fodder. Perfect for: A...

    • The Girl on the Train

      Rachel’s life is going downhill: she’s an alcoholic who rides the same train every day, past her old house, looking for signs of action between her ex-husband and the woman he left her for. When the enchanting couple living next door captures her eye, Rachel invents a story for them....

    • The Obituary Writer

      In 1919, Violet is an obituary writer who pines for a lost love. Stuck in 1960s suburbia, Claire is unhappily married to a guy who looks good on paper but doesn't get her. The narrative alternates between both women as they struggle to move forward in their emotional lives. The...