What is The Book Dumpling?

What is The Book Dumpling?

Hi and welcome to The Book Dumpling!

The other day, somebody asked me: “What, exactly, is the point of this website?”

Consider me your personal book whisperer.

Some backstory: reading is my passion, and I saw that many of my students shared the same one (even if they didn’t know it yet), so I started Book Talks at the high school where I teach.

The point was not to preach about the joy of reading, but to find a way to bring all teenagers into the discussion, including those who were not ‘by nature’ readers, or at least didn’t see themselves as such.

What started off as a small group eventually grew to encompass many students who were all excited by a communal conversation about books. Together, we figured out what worked and what didn’t. This rippled into my community of friends and family, even to people I didn’t really know, but whose taste in books I was interested in. 

I take into account people’s different personalities and tastes that lead to distinctive criteria for choosing the right book. Calling it a book everyone would appreciate is like saying that all people in the room exhibit the same taste in food, movies, or music.

It just doesn’t work that way: I’m here to ensure that you get the most out of your next read. It’s my niche. 

Reading brings so much to my life and I look forward to sharing that with you here. 

Hopefully you will visit often and use The Book Dumpling as your personal book stylist, as a way of paring down (or wading through) the vast amounts of reviews and recommendations found on fantastic sites like Goodreads, et al. (of which I am an unabashed fan).

Use it as a teacher.
Use it as a student.
Use it as a reader.
Use it if you’ve had a fractured experience with reading.

Please peruse the site, sign up for the newsletter and send questions. I look forward to engaging with you here thanks to your comments and requests—and through personalized recommendations vis-à-vis the questionnaire—so that we may share our common love of reading.

In the end, I hope you come to trust the site as a way to personally help you navigate your reading experience. 

I think you will have a lot of fun and, hopefully, encounter some food for thought at The Book Dumpling.

Remember: Everyone is a reader: you just need to find the right book.


About Andrea

Andrea BorodThis site is a passion project created by me, Andrea Borod: high school teacher, creative writer, tinkerer & book lover.

By watching friends who had given up reading reacquaint themselves with literature of all kinds, and seeing the pleasure it brought to them, I recognized my niche in connecting people with the right book. 

I hold an MFA in creative writing and literature from Emerson College, and degrees in literature from McGill University. I worked in the media (in jobs spanning publishing to television), before discovering the incomparable world of teaching teens.

I am here to personally vet books for you: books that speak to your interests whether these range from business to literary fiction to travel writing to all of the above.

If you don’t like reading, this website will hopefully speak to you as well and I may encourage you to take the baby steps necessary to regain that desire to read.

Think of me as your personal book concierge. I’m not here to give you better information but, rather, to give you my own take, with the hope of enhancing your reading experience.