• American War

    Perfect For: Lovers of apocalyptic, science-fiction centered around the outbreak of the Second Civil War in 2074.

  • Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Fans of memoirs that 'dive' deep below the surface to cover topics ranging from politics to love to travel, all under the umbrella of one man's passion for surfing.

  • The Arrangement

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers interested in a light, page-turning story about open marriages that packs a heavier punch than you'd think.

  • This is How it Always is

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Those looking for a beautiful investigation of a loving family learning how to handle their son who is a girl at heart. Lovers of wonderful writing coupled with a fascinating story of the times. Readers interested in transgender identity.  

  • Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of seriously good, page-turning mysteries. Readers looking for a story involving generations in a family of terrorists. Teens who enjoy a good suspense novel.

  • Do Not Become Alarmed

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Fans of page-turning thrillers set amongst a South American cruise vacation. Those who don't mind a storyline about the disappearance of children. Readers of mysteries coupled with an exploration of marriages and parenting.

  • Disclaimer

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of creepy, psychological thrillers. Readers interested in the story of a filmmaker whose nighttime reading recreates her one, terrible secret in graphic detail. Fans of art imitating life in eerie detail.

  • Always Running

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers interested in a memoir on East Los Angeles' gang culture. Fans of redemptive stories in which violence makes way for poetry. Those looking for an insightful coming-of-age story.

  • The Children

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Fans of contemporary, often humerous, fiction that explores wealthy, dysfunctional families. Readers interested in a seemingly perfect fiancé entering one family's realm, and the problems that ensue. Anyone who loves a character who collects mass followers by engaging in a false persona online by way of...

  • Siracusa

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of page-turning, dramatic mysteries set on the coast of Italy. Readers interested in the story of a couple vacationing in Sicily who have many, many skeletons in the closet that are dying to come out (get it?). Anyone who enjoys stories of the unravelling of...

  • Before the Fall

    Fans of page-turning thriller/mysteries. Readers interested in the story of ten wealthy characters who perish in a plane crash at the beginning, and the two survivors who cause a media sensation. Anyone looking for a great mystery that you shouldn’t start on a plane.

  • The Expatriates

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of fiction told from the POV of three, distinct women. Readers looking for the story of a group of ex-pats living in Hong Kong, all intertwined by way of one, tragic moment. Anyone interested in learning about the perks and pitfalls of living in a...

  • The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle #1)

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of masterful, high-fantasy writing. Anyone interested in how the most powerful wizard of this world came to be. Readers looking for something to fill that Game of Thrones void.

  • The Girls

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers looking for strong writing that delivers a poignant coming-of-age story set in 1969. Anyone interested in the horrific murders committed by Charles Manson's followers, and what could have led young, American teen girls to partake in them. Lovers of disturbing-yet-insightful intellectual fiction that examines the...

  • The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World (CBC Massey Lecture)

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Fans of travel literature and history Readers looking for celebrated anthropologist Wade Davis’s take on what ancient cultures have to offer modern civilization Anyone curious about the meaning of life

  • Caucasia

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of racial politics and civil rights issues Readers looking for a story about a girl of mixed race, separated from her sister and forced to hide her true ethnicity as she and her mother hide from the law. Fans of 1970’s politics and sisterly love

  • The Royal We

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: A book loosely based on Princess Kate and Prince William's romance. A real page-turner for the beach. Lovers of light fiction that follows the royal family.

  • The Year of the Runaways

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of Indian immigrant fiction. Readers interested in the past lives of four major characters who then meet up in the present. Anyone wondering what it's like to come to England illegally.

  • The Nest

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of page-turning fiction set in upper-crust NYC society. Readers looking for a story of four siblings fighting over an inheritance. Fans of multi-perspective fiction.

  • The Dogs of Babel

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Dog-lovers and love-lovers Readers interested in the story of a linguistics professor who tries to teach his dog to speak after the sudden death of his wife Anyone looking for a touching page-turner about a man’s love for his wife and his canine companion

  • Safekeeping

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers interested in the story of an NYC drug addict transplanted to an Israeli Kibbutz. Lovers of historical fiction with a secret. Like a significant sapphire brooch with a story. Fans of characters from all different backgrounds, religions, beliefs with a hodgepodge of personalities thrown in.

  • All Our Names

    Told between Helen, a white social worker in America, and a would-be writer from Ethiopia, living in Uganda and then the U.S., the narrative explores best friends who drift apart during The African Revolution, interracial relationships and what it’s like to be an immigrant in the U.S. Among other storylines....

  • The Art Forger

    Clair Roth is a young woman struggling to become an artist in 1990. As she scrapes by, trying to earn a living, Clair meets an influential gallery owner, Aiden Markel. The two seal a deal in which Clair promises him a forgery of a famous painting. When she receives what...

  • Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter

    During Chile’s Pinochet regime in 1980, Carmen Aguirre and her family are forced to flee to Canada. This page-turning thriller recounts the commencement of Carmen’s life as an undercover revolutionary. Perfect for: Fans of historical non-fiction focused on revolutionaries. Readers who enjoy gripping and dark stories about escaping dictatorships. Lovers...

  • Openly Straight

    Rafe is an openly, gay teenager living in Colorado who travels to different high schools to reinforce the importance of tolerance. When he decides to switch to a boarding school, he views this as the perfect opportunity to keep his sexuality a secret; however, as he soon discovers, being gay...

  • Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion

    As a well-known atheist, Sam Harris devotes much of his time writing about the ills of religion and the veil of illusion that doctrines cast over us. In this book on the benefits of mediation, Harris separates Eastern philosophies from religion, offering a solid guide to contemplative activity and the...

  • Nervous Conditions (Nervous Conditions #1)

    Set in 1960s Rhodesia, this superb coming-of-age novel follows two cousins, Tambu and Nyasha, as they struggle with identity. Perfect for: • Lovers of post-colonial, feminist, African literature. • Anyone looking for a coming-of-age story of two cousins. • Fans of stories that investigate the deep scars caused when one...

  • Redeployment

    In this stunning collection of short stories, Phil Klay (veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps) offers a heart-stopping look into the realities of the war in Iraq and the difficulties for everyone involved. Perfect for: • Those interested in gaining a new perspective on the war in Iraq. • Lovers...

  • Everything I Never Told You

    In this page-turning exploration of one Asian-American family’s grief, Ng spins a touching, smart and very readable novel. In 1970s Ohio, 16-year-old Lydia Lee is found dead at the bottom of the lake. Leaving behind her parents and two siblings, the novel explores how little we may know about the...