• Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe #1)

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers interested in a coming-of-age story of two young loners who connect. Fans of LGBTQ fiction. Appreciator of that killer title.

  • This is How it Always is

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Those looking for a beautiful investigation of a loving family learning how to handle their son who is a girl at heart. Lovers of wonderful writing coupled with a fascinating story of the times. Readers interested in transgender identity.  

  • Red Rising

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Fans of dystopian fiction Readers looking for a futuristic novel about a man who tries to subvert the existing caste system of his society, and make his world a better place Lovers of Brave New World, The Hunger Games, or The Giver

  • Always Running

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers interested in a memoir on East Los Angeles' gang culture. Fans of redemptive stories in which violence makes way for poetry. Those looking for an insightful coming-of-age story.

  • This Star Won’t Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Fans of touching, real-life stories. Readers looking for a collection of essays, journal entries and stories by and about a talented young girl who passed away at the age of 16. Anyone with a heart who’s looking to use it.

  • Uprooted

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of magical dystopian societies. Readers interested in a village where the innocent girls are scared of becoming the dragon’s next sacrifice. Fans of fantastical stories uncovering a mystery.  

  • The Humans

      Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of humorous science fiction Readers interested in an alien sent to inhabit the body of a professor to stop the world from learning about his mathematic discovery. Fans of stories that tackle the existential questions.

  • When Breath Becomes Air

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Fans of philosophic medical memoirs. Readers interested in the story of a young neurosurgeon and how he deals with his terminal cancer diagnosis. Fans of learning about what makes a life worth living. And who have a tissue close by.

  • The Universe Versus Alex Woods

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of coming-of-age, quirky stories about a friendship between a young boy and a Vietnam vet. Fans of characters who don't fit in to mainstream society. Readers interested in a main character who's been struck by lightning AND stopped for carrying marijuana at the beginning of...

  • Code Named Verity

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of teenage historical fiction. Readers interested in the thrilling story of two teenage girls, a pilot and a spy, in the midst of WWII. Anyone looking for a series to get into.

  • When God was a Rabbit 

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Anyone who loves a good coming-of-age story Fans of great stories about siblings and best friends, with a twist Those of us who long for the purity and mystery of youth

  • The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of whimsy, humour and fantasy Readers interested in the long and very fruitful life of a resourceful blue bear Fans of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or The Hundred-Year-Old Man who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared

  • Caucasia

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of racial politics and civil rights issues Readers looking for a story about a girl of mixed race, separated from her sister and forced to hide her true ethnicity as she and her mother hide from the law. Fans of 1970’s politics and sisterly love

  • The Dogs of Babel

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Dog-lovers and love-lovers Readers interested in the story of a linguistics professor who tries to teach his dog to speak after the sudden death of his wife Anyone looking for a touching page-turner about a man’s love for his wife and his canine companion

  • The Naturals (The Naturals #1)

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: A reader looking for a story about a teenager (Cassie), with a talent for reading people, whom the FBI recruits for a secret program. Lovers of page-turning crime thrillers with a touch of the paranormal. Fans of CSI.

  • An Ember in the Ashes (An Ember in the Ashes #1)

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers interested in dystopian fiction about risking one's life in a tyrannical empire. Fans of rebels and spies. Those looking for the story of Laia, a slave, and Elias, a soldier. You can guess where this goes. Kind of.

  • Paper Valentine

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers looking for a story about a girl haunted by her best friend’s ghost. Lovers of paranormal romance that's not Twilight. Fans of crazy secrets.

  • Three Times Lucky (Tupelo Landing #1)

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers looking for a story about 11-year-old Miss Moses LoBeau who washed up on the shore of Tupelo Landing after a hurricane. Fans of quirky characters with secrets. Fans of a good murder mystery.

  • Love Letters to the Dead

    Book Dumpling Recommends for: Readers interested in the story of a teenaged girl writing letters to famous dead people by way of explaining her own, difficult past. Anyone who enjoys a coming-of-age narrative about a disturbing dynamic between two sisters. Those interested in realistic, depressing novels about forgiveness and grief.

  • Red Queen (Red Queen #1)

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of YA high fantasy, romance series. Those into ‘caste’ system-type dystopian books (world is divided into Reds (low) and Silvers (high). You want to be a Silver. Readers looking for a heroine (Mare Barrow) in possession of a secret power that lands her in the...

  • The Golden Compass

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Fans of heroes, magical creatures, and noble journeys Readers looking to be immersed in a fantasy universe where a young girl and her animal companion embark on an epic quest to save her brother, and her world. Anyone who loved The Lion, the Witch and the...

  • Graceling (Graceling Realm #1)

    Recommended for: Readers of high fantasy looking for a kick-ass heroine (Katsa) who has been able to kill a man with her bare hands since she’s 8. Fans of terrible secrets that appear further down the narrative road. Anyone who enjoys reading about teen characters falling in love.

  • Dark Visions (Dark Visions #1-3)

    A fun series about Kaitlyn Fairchild, a psychic who meets others like her at the Zates Institute. Everything goes smoothly until raging hormones get in the way. Perfect for: Lovers of paranormal romance. Readers interested in telepathy and psychic powers. Fans of ‘outsider’ characters.

  • The Invasion of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling #2)

    Queen Kelsea waits for the invasion of the Tearling now that she has gone against the Red Queen by stopping the shipments of slaves to Mortmesne. As we learn more about the pre-Crossing era (and meet an ambiguous woman named Lily), the series takes it up a notch in a...

  • Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1)

    In a futuristic Beijing, Cinder, a cyborg mechanic, lives with her adoptive family. When her sister falls ill and Cinder is the prime suspect, she’s forced to leave home. Joining her country’s struggle against an alien planet, Cinder’s life crosses paths with that of his majesty, Prince Kai’s. As she...

  • Splintered

    Since she was little, Alyssa has heard the whispers of bugs and flowers in her head. To add to her discomfort, she hears the chatter of Alice Lydell, both her ancestor and the inspiration behind Lewis Carroll’s famous novel about Wonderland, speaking to her. Desperate to avoid her mother’s fate...

  • The Program

    In a reality where depression has become a worldwide epidemic infecting millions of teens, the only hope of survival is The Program. Or that’s what everyone’s been told. 17-year-old Sloane knows better. She and James have promised each other to stay strong in hopes that their love will be enough...

  • The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues #1)

    Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, were born into of one of the most influential families in history whose power can be traced all the way back to Napoleon himself; however, the original source of this power remains unknown. The two siblings set off in search of 39 clues...

  • Saving Francesca

    Francesca goes to St. Sebastien’s school with her best friends and with Will, her secret crush. Her uber-controlling mother has always had a tight clasp on Francesca’s life but, when her Mom becomes chronically depressed, she realizes that there was much she took for granted. Without anyone to guide her,...

  • Openly Straight

    Rafe is an openly, gay teenager living in Colorado who travels to different high schools to reinforce the importance of tolerance. When he decides to switch to a boarding school, he views this as the perfect opportunity to keep his sexuality a secret; however, as he soon discovers, being gay...