Mystery Madness

  • Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Lovers of seriously good, page-turning mysteries. Readers looking for a story involving generations in a family of terrorists. Teens who enjoy a good suspense novel.

  • Do Not Become Alarmed

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Fans of page-turning thrillers set amongst a South American cruise vacation. Those who don't mind a storyline about the disappearance of children. Readers of mysteries coupled with an exploration of marriages and parenting.

  • Before the Fall

    Fans of page-turning thriller/mysteries. Readers interested in the story of ten wealthy characters who perish in a plane crash at the beginning, and the two survivors who cause a media sensation. Anyone looking for a great mystery that you shouldn’t start on a plane.

  • Memory Man (Amos Decker #1)

    Book Dumpling Recommends For: Readers looking for a story about a detective who is incapable of forgetting anything. Like, anything. Fans of revenge tales centered on a tragic murder of an entire family. Lovers of crime thrillers.

  • The English Girl (Gabriel Allon #13) – Daniel Silva

    Following the disappearance of a mysterious young woman in Corsica, professional assassin and spy, Gabriel Allon, embarks on a mission to locate her in a world where no one can be trusted. Perfect for: Lovers of international espionage. Fans of page-turning thrillers. Readers looking for their next favourite spy.

  • Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Flavia de Luce #1)

    Summer, 1950: at the once grand, but now rather shabby mansion of Buckshaw, eleven-year-old, Flavia de Luce, is an aspiring chemist with a passion for poison. It’s good she has a hobby: her father is distracted, her mother is dead, and her sisters ignore her at best, and antagonize her...

  • A Simple Plan

    Three friends find four million dollars in cash in the wreckage of a plane crash. They decide to keep it to themselves so they can keep the money. Seems like a simple plan, except it’s really not. You know where it’s going, but you can’t stop... Perfect for: A suspenseful...

  • And Then There Were None

    This really is the #1 best-selling mystery of all time: the premise follows ten strangers (invited to an island by a mysterious host), all whom have something to hide. One by one, they die according to a nursery rhyme: “Ten little soldier boys went out to dine; one choked his little...

  • Berlin Noir: March Violets / The Pale Criminal / A German Requiem (Bernard Gunther #1-3)

    Get your dose of Kerr, a master of mystery, in these three books in one which follow ex-policeman, Bernie Gunther, a detective in Nazi Germany, as he navigates plots rich with historical accuracy: entertainment set during a dark period is no easy feat. Perfect for: Fans of hard-boiled detective stories,...

  • Eye of the Crow

    How did Sherlock Holmes become the king of great detectives? Peacock explores the 13-year-old Holmes’ first case – a murder, no less. Through the young detective’s eyes, we travel through a London filled with few friends and many enemies, where we meet his family, his methods of deduction, and his evolving...

  • The Black-Eyed Blond: A Philip Marlowe Novel

    Settle in for some crime fiction set in the 1950s with: a gumshoe detective, a rich leggy blonde, a bunch of thugs and, well, you get the idea. Years after Raymond Chandler’s death, Benjamin Black skilfully revives the one-and-only Philip Marlowe. In this caper, Marlowe searches for a rich dame’s...

  • Bellweather Rhapsody

    In 1982, Minnie Graves is a miserable bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding when she witnesses a terrible suicide / murder at The Bellweather Hotel. Flash forward to 1997 when the Hatmaker siblings travel to aforementioned hotel to partake in the Statewide High School Music Convention. Strange things start happening in...

  • Reconstructing Amelia

    Kate Baron is a high-powered attorney at one of Manhattan’s leading litigation firms. When her beautiful, smart and dutiful daughter, Amelia, commits suicide at her prestigious Brooklyn high school, Kate starts a harrowing journey into the hidden parts of her daughter’s life.  In this riveting book, chapters jump between Kate...

  • Defending Jacob

    In this fast-paced novel, we meet Andy Barber, an assistant district attorney whose 14-year-old son gets put on trial for a shocking crime: a compulsive read.Great for:John Grisham (the early years) loversReaders of legal thrillersA solid courtroom drama

  • Gone Girl

    When Nick's wife, Amy, goes missing, he's the first suspect. Examining a dysfunctional marriage, this book will hold you hostage, whether or not you agree with the ending. Great for: A beach readAnyone who has trouble keeping their attention on a story Reluctant readers (16 and up)