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    • The Snowman

      The killer holds the strings in this terrifying novel about a boy who awakens to find his mother gone – the only trace of her being her scarf draped around a snowman in the yard. What ensues is a horrifying quest to find the reasons behind the disappearance of multiple...

    • Before I Go to Sleep

      When a woman wakes up not knowing who she is, or where she is, she spends the rest of the book trying to reconstruct the missing pieces that will fill her in on her own life. To say more would only spoil it. Great for: • Readers who enjoy thrillers....

    • Reconstructing Amelia

      Kate Baron is a high-powered attorney at one of Manhattan’s leading litigation firms. When her beautiful, smart and dutiful daughter, Amelia, commits suicide at her prestigious Brooklyn high school, Kate starts a harrowing journey into the hidden parts of her daughter’s life.  In this riveting book, chapters jump between Kate...

    • Defending Jacob

      In this fast-paced novel, we meet Andy Barber, an assistant district attorney whose 14-year-old son gets put on trial for a shocking crime: a compulsive read.Great for:John Grisham (the early years) loversReaders of legal thrillersA solid courtroom drama

    • Gone Girl

      When Nick's wife, Amy, goes missing, he's the first suspect. Examining a dysfunctional marriage, this book will hold you hostage, whether or not you agree with the ending. Great for: A beach readAnyone who has trouble keeping their attention on a story Reluctant readers (16 and up)