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    • The Film Club

      When David Gilmour (former film critic at the CBC), sees his son, Jesse, hating high school, he comes up with an unusual deal: Jesse may stay at home for the rest of the year, but he must watch three movies (of Gilmour’s picking) per week,  and get ready to discuss...

    • In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin

      Set in 1933, this astonishing account follows the story of William E. Dodd and his exuberant daughter, Martha, during his years as the U.S. ambassador to Berlin under Hitler's rule. An incredible story of one man's growing concern for a progressively cruel regime, and the universal apathy turned on him...

    • Just Kids

      This thought-provoking memoir, written by punk-rock high-priestess, Patti Smith, chronicles her years in New York City and her symbiotic relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorpe. Coupled with her musings on the artist’s life, this provides a great read for those interested in the power of perception and the role of the...

    • The Sisters – The Saga of the Mitford Family

      The fascinating story of one of Europe's most polarizing families: The Sisters offers a wonderful biography of the four talented-yet-troubled Mitford girls.  Great for: Lovers of juicy biographies Those interested in England’s role in WWII Fiction writers If you liked the book, rent the movie(s): 

    • Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime

      A well-researched and highly entertaining glimpse into the circus that was the 2008 American presidential elections. Great for: Political junkiesReaders who don't normally read about politicsAnyone looking to make themselves feel less dysfunctional If you liked the book, rent the movie(s): Game Change; Primary Colors; Wag the Dog

    • The Art of Choosing

      Social psychologist, Sheena Iyengar, examines the role of choice in our lives through subjects as varied as the power of advertising to the ideas behind arranged marriages.Great for: • Readers who enjoy social psychology using interesting examples • Anyone looking to reexamine the way they make choices • Those who...

    • Behind the Beautiful Forevers

      In Katherine Boo’s searing book, the Pulitzer Prize-winning-journalist explores life and death in the Mumbai slum of Annawadi. Through haunting and unforgettable inhabitants, Boo introduces us to some of India’s poorest living conditions, positioned just behind its wealthiest hotels. The book weaves humour and pathos into a tapestry of astonishing...

    • Teacher Man

      The famed writer of Angela's Ashes, McCourt offers humour, inspiration and quirkiness in this generous tale of his time as a public-school teacher in NYC. Great for: teacherslovers of Irish humoursomeone in need of inspirationIf you liked the book, rent the movie(s): Angela's Ashes; In America