By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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This is the type of book that will change your perspective, probably forever: We first meet Ifemelu as a Nigerian living in the States: she is a fellow at Princeton and her blog (which examines the hypocrisies and complexities that make up race in the U.S., specifically American Black and Non-American Black dynamics), is a massive success. Yet Ifemelu has decided to return home.

As we travel back to Ifemelu’s upbringing in Nigeria, along with the history of her deep-seeded love for Obinze (who also gets his own narrative), we are introduced to the challenges, heartbreaks, triumphs and injustices that these two Nigerian encounter. This book will challenge any notions of race you’ve ever had, if you’ve ever even thought to think of it until now.

Perfect for:

  • Readers who enjoy multi-perspective narratives.
  • Anyone looking for a witty, accessible, page-turning view into race in the U.S. & London.
  • Lovers of a clever, no-nonsense, loveable protagonist.
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