Beautiful Ruins

By Jess Walter

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Critics went nuts for this sun-soaked story following interweaving lives set against the backdrop of – among many things – the fictitious town of Porto Vorgogna, Italy; the filming of the now-legendary disaster that became Cleopatra, and modern-day Hollywood. Jumping between present-day America and 1960s coastal Italy, the novel explores ideas about fame, love and redemption.

Great for:

• A nice read on the beach
• Readers who enjoy time-jumping narratives
• Anyone looking to get lost in the coast of Italy

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  1. This book is a gem. Yes, it could be a beach read — but it is also so much more. The book’s structure and location makes me think of Italo Calvino, and the author manages to be both heartfelt and profound.

    • Interesting comparison to Calvino – I love his work; I didn’t connect with this book but I try not to let my personal opinions get in the way of someone else’s great read. I appreciate your comment and maybe I’ll move the book to another section. Thanks, Inverness!

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