By Rawi Hage

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In Montreal’s frigid winter, a thief has attempted suicide and failed. In subsequent sessions with a therapist, we begin to learn about his life. An immigrant from the Middle East, he leaves his war-torn country to become a self-described cockroach: dispossessed and alienated. Dark and nihilistic, with vivid imagery, it’s a Kafkaesque take on an immigrant’s story.

Perfect for:

  • A story about an alienated outsider.
  • Fans of haunting, unsettling imagery.
  • Insight into the underbelly of the immigrant experience.
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  1. Unusual book. I liked it because it’s set in my hometown and I felt that I know the characters of the book as my neighbors and friends. Funny, sad and gritty.The ending kinda left me hanging, as in, there seems to be more to the the story-to be continued. Humm…

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