Everything I Never Told You

By Celeste Ng

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In this page-turning exploration of one Asian-American family’s grief, Ng spins a touching, smart and very readable novel.
In 1970s Ohio, 16-year-old Lydia Lee is found dead at the bottom of the lake. Leaving behind her parents and two siblings, the novel explores how little we may know about the people we love.
Ng also adds in the dimension of what it what was like growing up Chinese in the States in the 50s and 60s, and how difficult it was (and probably still is in many places) for children of mixed marriages.
Perfect for:
• Readers of intelligent, page-turning fiction that involves a central mystery.
• Anyone who enjoys a story meditating on grief and the skeletons that it drags out of the closet.
• Lovers of books dealing with a seemingly perfect family, and the authentic struggles and complexities that live right beneath the surface.

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