Fleeing the Hijab

By Dr. Sima Goel

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When the Ayatollah Kohomeini decrees that all women in Iran must wear a hijab, regardless of their perspective religion, Dr. Sima Goel, a 13-year-old Jewish girl who had previously demonstrated against the Shah’s oppressive regime, decides she must escape her home country. In this riveting memoir, we follow Goel as she makes the dangerous journey through Iran’s deserts, to Pakistan and, finally, to freedom in Canada. Overcoming personal tragedy to work her way towards becoming a practicing chiropractor in Montreal, Goel’s journey is one that speaks more to the value of freedom – and to the strength of the human spirit in the face of extreme terror.                

Perfect for:

  • Readers interested in reading of a first-hand account of Iran’s tumultuous political history.
  • Those looking for a memoir of escape-to-freedom.
  • Anyone who enjoys reading about real, teenaged, personal courage in the face of an oppressive regime. 
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