It’s Kind of a Funny Story

By Ned Vizzini

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In this funny-yet-disturbing book, teen Craig Gilner has a nice family and home. He’s also been accepted into a prestigious high school; however, when his overwhelming need to succeed takes over his life, he experiences a paralyzing depression. After checking into a psychiatric hospital, Craig gains some perspective, and meets a few interesting friends.

Note: Vizzini wrote from first-hand experience – sadly, he passed away at age 32 from an apparent suicide. This novel forms part of his legacy and provides much needed insight into adolescent depression.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone looking for insight into teenage depression.
  • Lovers of a quirky, loveable narrator.
  • A wonderfully funny and terrifying teenage read.
If you liked the book, rent the movie(s): It's Kind of a Funny Story

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