Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore

By Robin Sloane

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What’s going on in Mr. Penumbra’s San Francisco bookshop? Customers come in and never seem to buy anything: when Clay Jannon is hired as the late-night clerk (after losing his software job), he discovers strange happenings in the data he builds to understand the peculiarity of the store. An eccentric, wonderful read.

Perfect for:

  • Lovers of magical realist books about books.
  • Readers looking for a hip, fantastical story.
  • Fans of techie characters in San Francisco.
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  1. I am presently reading Paris by Edward Rutherfurd and really enjoying it. It is quite long but has a great cast of interesting characters living throughout the history of the city that keep one intrigued. It has a “different” kind of chronological organization as it goes from the twentieth century to the Middle Ages and other points in between somewhat randomly, but I always manage to figure out which character it is and what is going on without difficulty.

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