To the End of the Land

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Three, young voices, in the dark, open David Grossman’s meditative and profound novel, To the End of the Land. The year is 1967: Israel and the rest of the Middle East have erupted in war. Flash-forward to 2000, as we are reacquainted with the luminous Ora, her troubled husband, Ilan and their two children, Adam and Ofer, the latter having re-enlisted in the war against Lebanon. To keep fate at bay, Ora decides to hike the country, taking along her dear friend, Avram, as they meditate on family, death, love, nature, politics and the existential.

Grossman is both a masterful storyteller and gifted observer at his finest: the book is a testament to the reality of parental love, and the desperate apprehension that accompanies it. With powerful flashbacks, Grossman beautifies the mundane against a backdrop of horror and near-constant fear. The book denounces war while celebrating the small triumphs of life in both a lyrical and poetic style.

Great For:

  • lovers of literary fiction
  • readers interested in the human consequences of war
  • a story of filial love
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