Painter of Silence

By Georgina Harding

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Starting in the 1930s and progressing through both WWII and the Communist occupation in Romania, Silence tells the story of Augustin, a deaf-mute man, and Safta, the little girl from his childhood. Augustin, the son of a cook at the Manor House, and Safta, the privileged daughter, reunite on the steps of the hospital where she now works. Using only paper and pencils, memories are unlocked as the damage both have endured emerges. The novel provides a powerful exploration of the relationship between communication and art – and its healing powers.

Great for:

• Those who enjoy reading WWII, historical fiction
• Readers interested in learning about the power of communication.
• Anyone who enjoys novels by Anne Michaels, Michael Ondaatje, and Sandor Marai

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