Pitch Perfect: How to Say It Right the First Time, Every Time

By Bill McGowan

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How to say something, albeit say it properly, is no easy feat. How to present yourself to an audience, while leaving a lasting impression, while conveying your main ideas concisely and effectively, is most certainly one of the more difficult and fear-inducing undertakings we are all faced with at one point or another.

Enter Bill McGowan: a lauded coach and mentor to high-profile figures in the social media, business, entertainment industries and more, his principles on communication are now accessible to anyone willing to pick up a copy. It’s that easy.

Perfect for:

  • Those looking to take his / her communicative skills to the next level. Like, the Sheryl Sandberg level.  
  • Anyone interested in positioning him / herself as a leader in any business / field / marriage / you-name-it.
  • Lovers of inspirational books with a tangible, clear and easy-to-navigate message. 
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