Behind the Beautiful Forevers

By Katherine Boo

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In Katherine Boo’s searing book, the Pulitzer Prize-winning-journalist explores life and death in the Mumbai slum of Annawadi. Through haunting and unforgettable inhabitants, Boo introduces us to some of India’s poorest living conditions, positioned just behind its wealthiest hotels. The book weaves humour and pathos into a tapestry of astonishing acts of courage, despair, and human limitations, while teaching its readers about India’s economy, politics and shifting social classes.

Great for:

  • Readers interested in a human investigation into India’s slums
  • Those wishing to familiarize themselves with the shifting landscape of India’s politics and class systems.
  • Readers who would like unprecedented access into a world far different than their own.
If you liked the book, rent the movie(s): Slumdog Millionaire, Monsoon Wedding, Earth.

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