The Circle

By Dave Eggers

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Previously an employee in her small hometown’s gas and energy utility company, Mae Holland can hardly believe she’s been hired by the world’s most influential and powerful internet company – The Circle. 

The Circle’s extensive California campus – complete with a cafeteria, a picnic area, tennis and volleyball courts, a gym and studios galore – is a far cry from the utility company’s “tragic block of cement” building. (Not to mention the all-night parties and casual performances on the lawn by famous musicians…) 

Mae immerses herself in the Circle’s culture and becomes increasingly distant from her life at home. The story takes a dark turn as Mae ingratiates herself with the company’s leaders – and starts to see what the whole thing is really about.

Perfect for: 

  • Those looking for a book that features a Google-esque setting.
  • An entertaining yet unsettling satirical take on the digital age.
  • Lovers of dystopian, techie fiction. 
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