The Girls

By Lori Lansens

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Told from the alternating perspectives of conjoined twins – Ruby and Rose – this stunning novel follows the repercussions – and advantages – of sharing one heart with another human being.

Great for:
• Most fiction lovers
• Anyone looking for a wonderful, Canadian novel
• Readers interested in discovering a different perspective on a little-understood situation

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  1. I just finished “The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells” and really enjoyed it. It is the story of Greta who has gone through a series of traumatic events that have left her clinically depressed. She gets shock therapy to try to help her through this but it has the unexpected effect of sending her back in time…twice. Each time she gets a treatment, she goes back and forth into 3 alternate life scenarios: one in the twenties and one in the forties. Very enjoyable read!

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