The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry

By Jon Ronson

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Bestselling journalist, Jon Ronson, journeys through the minds of madness in this fascinating study of the murky world of psychopaths. Through talking to these patients and the vast industry that studies them, Ronson’s investigations raise serious questions about the psychiatric diagnoses of psychopathy.

Perfect for:

• Those interested in scientific studies.
• Readers of page-turning journalistic investigations.
• Anyone looking for a spine-tingling study into hoaxes and psychiatric institutions.

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  1. To get an even better understanding of psychopathy I would recommend the book “Without Conscience”. It’s by Robert Hare who is the leading researcher on white collar and violent psychopaths. The book is based on psychiatric research but easy enough to understand and just as enjoyed by folks who aren’t in the medical field.

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