The Reluctant Fundamentalist

By Mohsin Hamid

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In this compelling narrative, Changez talks to an unidentified American stranger about his life before he returned to his present state in his native Pakistan: he was on the high track after graduating from Princeton, after which he moved to New York City where he was hired up by a leading valuation firm, and falls deeply in love with Erica, a beautiful and mysterious girl from the Upper East Side; however, after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, Changez realizes that his background origin is less-than-welcome in a country suffering from a newfound, crippling fear.

Great for:

  • Most readers (male and female) who want a different, quick and beautiful take on living as an Arab in post-9/11 New York.
  • Readers who enjoy a witty, ongoing monologue
  • Anyone looking for a readable, thought-provoking book.

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