Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

By Maria Semple

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As a former writer for television’s delicious comedy, Arrested Development, we can trust that Maria Semple knows a thing or two about using family dysfunction as a backdrop for telling a really good, really funny story. She does just this in her wonderfully written novel, told from the perspective of Bee, a precocious 15-year-old, through whom we meet her insanely brilliant mother, Bernadette Fox. With different points of view, plot twists crazier than an episode of Homeland, and a strong sense of character, this delectable read will have you laughing (and scratching your head at times), while thanking Semple for a sneak into one of the more interesting heroines to grace contemporary pages. 

Great for: 

  • lovers of unusual mothers
  • reluctant readers (mostly female yet with exceptions)
  • that TITLE!
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  1. I really recommend the book and series “Divergent” to teens who dont mind a challenge and who love fiction and alternit future books. Similar to “The hunger games” but less violent and better.

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