Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

By Therese Anne Fowler

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You know the story – literary super couple, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald meet, fall madly in love and then: Don’t. Stop. Partying. In NYC, in Paris, in the South of France, until it all goes to hell; however, you’ve probably never heard it from Zelda’s perspective before.

In this delightfully written, page-turning narrative, Zelda’s effervescent, brilliant, oft-misunderstood voice is given a platform to tell her version of events: you’ll walk away with a vastly different perception of the famed American literati (looking at you, Ernest Hemingway).

A literary-history lover’s dream read.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone looking for a deeper, richer story than the one usually ascribed to Zelda (I’m lookin’ at you mad-woman-who-ends-up-in-a-loony-bin trope).
  • Lovers of The Paris Wife.
  • Come on – who doesn’t love reading about these brilliant, mad, creative minds?
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