Why I Hate Push-Ups OR How to Create a ‘Non’ Reader

June 16, 2013

“Gimme some push-ups. BOOM!” my charming friend, Vanessa, instructed me when she offered me a free ‘program’ at the gym one day. I stared up at her like a puppy in the rain: “That’s ok.” “What do you mean: that’s ok?” She looked down at me and – for a brief moment – I imagined… Read More

Having the Flu OR the Comfort of a Good Story

June 7, 2013

Having the flu this past week kind of sucked. Silver linings include: • More time to read – an obvious one. • More time to catch up on some TV (hello, Nashville!) • More time to watch movies After staring at the ceiling for an unhealthy amount of time – I decided to muster the… Read More