July 24, 2013

My two years at Emerson in Boston were most certainly fruitful. And interesting. And frightening. And enlightening: Let me touch upon a few ‘types’ of people who get their Masters degrees in creative writing, literature & publishing: 1) The Ivy Leaguer: this person didn’t go into finance or law and might feel like they need… Read More

Meeting Readers Where They’re At OR Why Corporate Yogis Don’t ‘OM.’

July 1, 2013

Sitting on the dock of the bay with my lovely, old friend, Melanie Richards (founder of Montreal’s HappyTree Yoga), we got into an interesting discussion of the correlation between readers and yogis: “You have to meet people where they’re at,” Mel says with her ethereal-yet-no-nonsense approach to life. “What do you mean?” “If somebody wants… Read More