Blue Met’s Gregory McCormick takes the BD Spotlight: on Grafton, East Asian literature & Idaho

March 31, 2015

Every year, Montreal’s very own, remarkable Blue Metropolis literary festival breathes fresh air into the cultural scene: from writer’s workshops to author interviews to panels to podcasts, the festival does an unbelievable job of introducing readers to a range of authors, from the little-known to the well established. Spearheading its programming is the charismatic Gregory… Read More

Book Dumpling’s ‘Most Recommended: Mainstream’ Reads.

March 15, 2015

You asked and it was a pleasure to answer. I’ve answered over 3,000 surveys for book-seekers with titles that range from little-known nuggets to genre-specific romps to the more popular, oft-publicized reads. Enjoy the list below to see PART 1 of Book Dumpling’s ‘Most Recommended’ (the Mainstream titles). Add any appealing titles to your reading list. Or give these as presents…. Read More