5 Books for Teens Who Love to Read

May 11, 2016

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Teens don’t necessarily need YA books to satiate their reading needs, which is why I’ve compiled the list below. These books were successes with my students who love to read, and I hope they give you some ideas for the reading teen in your life. Happy Reading!

A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett

A House in the Sky_Book Cover

In this gripping memoir, globetrotting, adventurer, Amanda Lindhout, is kidnapped after entering Somalia. Held for over a year, she must find a way to survive torture and abuse. Honest and raw, this well-written tale will both shock and inspire you.

Perfect for:

  • Almost all types of memoir lovers.
  • Older teens looking for a book about the resilience of the human spirit.
  • Travel enthusiasts willing to read about worst case scenarios.

Alif the Unseen_Book Cover

Meet Alif: as a brilliant internet hacker in an unnamed Middle Eastern country, he works to protect the government from censoring others unjustly on the web. When an unexpected twist, wrought by a love affair, forces him underground, he encounters the mystical realms of jinnis and the dark side of a policed state. This page-turner investigates the power of myth combined with one man’s thrilling quest to stay alive for the woman he loves.

Perfect for:

• Anyone interested in an original story about the Arab Spring.
• Readers who enjoy magical-realist / political fiction.
• Fans of a classic, solid, good story centred on hactivists.

If you liked the book, rent the movie(s): Pan’s Labyrinth

Tell the Wolves I'm Home_Book Cover

In Tell the Wolves I’m Home, June Elbus, our fourteen-year-old narrator, loses her beloved uncle, Finn (a respected artist) to AIDS in the opening chapters. A lover of medieval paraphernalia and a loner, June feels more isolated than ever before meeting someone who takes her on a different journey. Set during a time when ignorance and paranoia defined the general public and stigmatized those living with it, this novel offers a tender look at coming-of-age.

Perfect for: 

  • 14 and up
  • teens and adults alike who want a beautiful story about the loss of a loved one
  • Anyone who enjoys books with an authentic narrator

Plutocrats_Book Cover

Seasoned economic journalist, Chrystia Freeland, offers an accessible exploration of history and the social factors that have led up to the present-day .01%’s claim to the largest-piece-of-the-‘economic’-pie. There are few books on the economy that are this plentiful with rich (no pun intended) anecdotes. With access into the worlds of the most powerful CEO’s (think Davos and TED), we enter the lifestyles and philosophies of the super-rich, coupled with fascinating and poignant historical information on the rise of India and China’s global economies. And what that means for all of us.

Perfect for:

• Readers interested in the 1%, and how they got there.
• Anyone looking for an accessible look into how the economy and, by way, politics of the 21st century and how they operate.
• Those looking for a comprehensive account of Indian and China’s rise in the global economy.

When I was a Loser_Book Cover


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