Book Dumpling’s Gift-Giving List

December 11, 2017

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Give the perfect present based on your loved one’s reading personality:

For the literary, historical fiction lover: 

A brilliant novel of Russia’s history told through the eyes of a Count sentenced to house arrest in Moscow’s premier, fading luxury hotel.

For the literary snob: 

Lincoln in purgatory, fake and real excerpts from history, talkative ghosts, Saunders’ experimental writing will blow you away. If it’s your type of thing.

For the reader interested in slavery’s legacy and a road trip through Mississippi: 

A gorgeously-written novel following the hardships in one family’s past.

For the literary thriller / mystery lover: 

A mystery within a mystery, perfect for Agatha Christie fans.

For the psychological mystery lover: 

A cruise through Central America, missing children, this book has it all.

For the teen in your life who loves to read: 

The Hate U Give_Book Cover

A fascinating exploration into the origins of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, told through the eyes of a teenaged girl straddling two worlds.

For the contemporary book lover: 

Not all things can be quantified as this unnamed narrator finds out.

For the lover of heart-warming stories: 

A beautiful novel about raising a transgender child.

For the appreciator of modern-day retellings. 

An update of Antigone moves its characters to a working-class, British-Pakistani neighbourhood in this novel with a shocking end.

For the lover of quirky characters:

Taking cues from the Clinton / Lewinsky scandal, a young woman starts over and leaves her overbearing mother behind to raise her precocious daughter alone.

For the science fiction lover: 

Alderman’s novel follows teenaged girls who now have the power to inflict pain and death in this page-turning novel.

For the fantasy lover: 

Battles, sorcerers, a formerly great empire. Enough said.

For the techie: 

Lois becomes the unexpected heroine of a secret tech and food world in this follow-up from the author of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.

For the psychology lover: 

Find out why / how we react the way we do in this ground-breaking study.

For the lover of journalistic memoirs: 

A fascinating account from a journalist given full access to terrorist networks.

For the comedy lover: 

A failed novelist travels around the world in this charming satire.

For the juicy, page-turner lover: 

A riveting story of a secret and its effect on two Irish sisters.

For the lover of female memoirs: 

A beautiful exploration into collective trauma, mother-daughter relationships and familial bonds.

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