On Montreal’s Weather OR A Serious Case of Cultural FOMO

April 20, 2014

The other day, I wandered home in the rain. When I walked into the apartment, I was so tired that I plopped down on the couch for a snooze. Half asleep, I could feel the sun come out and graze my face. Despite my high comfort level and an obvious need for sleep, I got… Read More

Why I love Britney OR Judging a Book by its Cover

December 30, 2013

2004: it’s a snowy Sunday night and thousands of people wait in Montreal’s Bell Centre for the emergence of the toned, dancer extraordinaire, Ms. Britney Spears. My friends and I watch the fleet of girls dawning barely-there pants and take notice of the few guys in the third row holding their binoculars, looking around to… Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Follow Me On Goodreads OR How the Questionnaire Works

August 1, 2013

I have a wonderful, smart, delightful friend (let’s call her ‘G’) whose recommendations of restaurants – in my opinion – are superbly horrendous. For example: [PHONE RINGS AND BOOK DUMPLING PICKS UP] ME: “Hello?” FRIEND: “Hi!” “Hi!” “You need to try this new restaurant in [insert area]. It’s to die for.” “Ya?” I’m already opening… Read More