Supplementing Your Literary Diet

March 4, 2013

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Lately, everyone I know (myself included) has tried some sort of starch-free diet (rules may vary) to substitute complex carbs with more protein-oriented fare like quinoa. I started thinking that there had to be a literary equivalent to this scenario:

I have recently been asked for recommendations for books from people who loved Fifty Shades of Grey: they liked the content and now want a book that delivers heftier literary merit. 

So, here’s calling all lovers of Fifty Shades of Grey (hey, The Book Dumpling doesn’t judge) who are looking for a similarly scandalous story: I just read a delicious book over the weekend, The Chocolate Money, which offers a great page-turner for those interested in enhancing their literary diet.

Ashley Prentice Norton writes an amusing (and disturbing) debut novel with some wicked sentences (and an even more wicked mother: Joan Collins ain’t got nuthin’ on this woman) in this story about Bettina Ballentyne, daughter of chocolate heiress (and certifiable nutjob) Babs Ballentyne; Babs routinely exposes her daughter to a sexually promiscuous, anything-goes lifestyle that will make you cringe but forces you to keep reading.

When Bettina goes off to Cardiss, an exclusive prep school in New Hampshire, her inner demons and the detritus of growing up with someone like her mother affect her (and those around her) in hilarious and, ultimately, sad ripples.

This is the perfect follow-up book for any reader who’s now on the reading wagon but would like some more literary protein. Enjoy and happy reading. 

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