Guest Blogger Emily Peotto on Being Unstuck OR A Brief Plug for Meg Wolitzer’s ‘The Interestings’

April 11, 2015

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Most of the time, I feel stuck.

Stuck with things never going according to plan, stuck with friends who don’t care, stuck with marks that just won’t get any better, stuck in the middle.

As I’ve grown, though, I’ve realized one thing: things never go exactly as you think they will, and feeling stuck is a whole lot better than feeling hopeless.

When I was young, I thought I was going to be a doctor. Reality told me this wasn’t going to happen; science took more than it gave and English was always the one subject I loved.

So, when it came time to filling out my options, I said good-bye to my five-year old dream and moved on.

I wrote, I read, I made a blog, I realized that being a surgeon could never compare to writing feelings, blog posts about traveling or concentric emptiness.

Reality hits you in a bunch of different ways, sometimes it sucks, sometimes it makes you want to stop, and sometimes it pushes you to keep going.

I feel stuck when things aren’t what I want them to be, because I’m not sure how to make it better and I’m not sure if I even want to.

In the end though, I know I still can.

That’s how I end up happy, that’s how I end up okay.

Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings is the most beautiful, realistic, heartbreaking yet heartfelt story of things not going to plan.

Going to camp for Jules sounds like a nightmare, but ends up being the best summer: her friends, who seem like dead-ends, turn out wildly successful, leaving Jules stuck wondering what she did wrong to get her stuck in her more unglamorous life.

But did she do anything wrong?

Feeling stuck is such a natural part of life that it no longer surprises me, it challenges me to keep going, to get myself out of this position and into a better moment, a better life.

I’m not sure there’s a definite way to get over that feeling though, whether it’s counting to ten or going for a run, baking cookies or breaking dishes.

You’ll get there through, and as you follow the four characters from Wolitzer’s stunning book, you’ll realize that no matter how stuck you are, how desperate you are, things always seem to get better.

Even if you don’t plan on it.

Emily Peotto is a Grade 11 student who enjoys all things creative. Follow her blog at:

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